Crabtree and Parran Halls

Crabtree and Parran Halls house Pitt's Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH), founded in 1948 with the mission of providing leadership in health promotion, disease prevention, and the elimination of health disparities.

GSPH ranks third among schools of public health in National Institutes of Health funding and maintains collaborative relationships with Pitt's five other health science schools as well as community organizations and the local and state health departments.

The sculpture outside of Parran Hall, titled Man, symbolizes the human quest for knowledge. It was created by Pitt professor Virgil Cantini (1991-2009).

The halls are undergoing renovations as GSPH plans to construct 58,000 square feet of laboratory facilities and create modern classrooms and common areas. Construction of the lab facilities is scheduled to be completed in summer 2013; renovations of Crabtree and Parran Halls will be fully completed by spring 2016.

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