Planning your course of study

This page provides information relevant to planning your course of study, navigating Pitt's course registration system, and tracking your progress toward completing degree program course requirements.

Please review all of the information below carefully before selecting your classes.

Academic Program Resources

  • Plan of study for each degree program and/or specialization
  • Grading policies
  • Practicum and/or field experience policies

Registration Resources

  • Viewing your official schedule
  • Registration Dates & Deadlines (Academic Calendar)
  • Registration Tutorials & Procedures
  • Special Add/Drop Procedures (Withdrawal, Late Add/Drop, etc.)
  • Permission codes & Registration holds
  • ...and much more!

NEW! "My Planner" Online Tool

Course Schedules

Required Textbooks

Tentative Year-long Schedules

Course Agent

Course Descriptions

Admission to Closed or Restricted Classes

My Planner Online Tool

"My Planner" is a tool for planning courses for an individual term, multiple terms, or for your entire academic career. You can access this tool by logging into the Pitt Portal (

We suggest using this tool to map out your courses as outlined on the plan of study for your chosen program. Plans of study are available on the Academic Program Resources page - just select your program and specialization for details. The Tentative Year-long Schedules are also available to help you sort your course selections into the appropriate term.

Once "my planner" is set up, you can enroll in classes each term using your predetermined selections.

Current & Upcoming Course Schedules

Fall 2014 (2151) - BSIS | IST & TELE | LIS

Spring 2015 (2154) - BSIS | IST & TELE | LIS

Summer 2015 (2157) - BSIS | IST & TELE | LIS

Required Textbooks

The "Required Textbooks" lists are not comprehensive, instead listing only the books on reserve at the University Store on Fifth. Please confirm required textbooks with the syllabus for each course in which you are enrolled. Syllabi are available through Courseweb. Please note: some syllabi may not be available until the first day of classes.

Fall 2014 Textbooks

Spring 2015 Textbooks

Tentative Year-long Schedules

This projected course schedule is intended to help students plan for future terms. Please note that this is not a final schedule and the courses/times may change in the future.

Academic Year 2014-15 - MLIS

Academic Year 2013-14 - MLIS

Use the Course Agent system to select the best courses for you!

Doctoral students here at the iSchool  have created Course Agent to help you design the most effective program of study. This system provides recommendations about specific courses to take based on your career goals, reveals what your peer students thought about each course they have taken, and offers a networking opportunity.

Course Agent is easy to use and will help you to reach your academic and career goals. A Course Agent account has already been created for you.  Simply log onto

Course Descriptions by Program

Admission to Closed or Restricted Classes

If a class offered at the iSchool is restricted by pre-requisites, department/advisor consent, class seat limit, or by degree program the online registration system will not allow one to automatically register for that class. 

For iSchool Graduate Classes: Here are instructions to register for a restricted course.

For iSchool Undergraduate Classes: You should contact the BSIS advisor, Mary Koller via email ( with the name and number of the restricted course, your Peoplesoft Number, and complete contact information.

If a class is offered through another school at the University, you must contact their administrative office in order to process a request for a special permission code.