School of Information Sciences

Robert R. Perkoski

Chair, Undergraduate Program & Lecturer

720A IS Building
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Institution of highest degree:
MSIS University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests:

Human computer interaction, distance learning, intelligent tutoring, knowledge transfer and representation within informal and formal groups, Internet companies.

Recent Publications:

Collins, K. and Perkoski, R.R. Fall, 1989. A Matter of Degrees. The Wall Street Journal’s Managing Your Career 7-8.

Perkoski, R.R. Spring-Summer, 1989. Software Professionals Break Out of the Technical Niche. Experienced Engineer and Software Professional 13-14.

Perkoski, R.R. and Collins, K. April, 1988. Prepare to Ace Your Interviews. The Wall Street Journal's National Business Employment Weekly 5-6.

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