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Peter Brusilovsky

Chair, Information Science Program & Professor

608 IS Building
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Institution of highest degree:
Ph.D. Moscow State University

Research Interests:

Adaptive Web systems, Social Web, adaptive hypermedia, user modeling, adaptive information systems, intelligent tutoring systems, e-learning, information visualization, digital libraries, human-computer interaction.

Recent Publications:

Falakmasir, Mohammad Hassan and Hsiao, I-Han and Mazzola, Luca and Grant, Nancy and Brusilovsky, Peter (2012) The Impact of Social Performance Visualization on Students. In: 12th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), July 4-6, 2012, Rome, Italy.

Hsiao, I-Han and Guerra, Julio and Parra, Denis and Bakalov, Fedor and König-Ries, Birgitta and Brusilovsky, Peter (2012) Comparative Social Visualization for Personalized E-learning. In: International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces. 

Brusilovsky, Peter (2012) Adaptive Hypermedia for Education and Training. In: Adaptive Technologies for Training and Education. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 46-68. ISBN 9780521769037; 0521769035

Trattner , Christoph and Lin, Yi-ling and Parra, Denis and Yue, Zhen and Real, William and Brusilovsky, Peter (2012) Evaluating Tag-Based Information Access in Image Collections. HT '12 Proceedings of the 23rd ACM conference on Hypertext and social media. pp. 113-122.

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