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Young Alumni Profile: Artem Beaty-Avdonin (MSIS’14)


The University of Pittsburgh’s School of Information Sciences (iSchool) is pleased to report on alumnus Artem Beaty-Avdonin’s (MSIS’14) new career as a Software Engineer at McKesson. Artem will begin in his new position in January 2015, which he secured prior to graduating in December.

To find a graduate program in information science, Artem looked at top schools and then investigated their programs. Artem recalls being “very attracted to the MSIS program at the iSchool from the beginning because of its breadth and the option to select a general course of study rather than a specialization.” Although his undergraduate degree from Tula State University in Russia is in Materials Science, Artem has always been interested in information science and technology and has been programming since a very early age.

Artem credits his experience with programming for allowing him to make the most of his courses and advises students considering an MSIS “to acquire some basic knowledge of web standards and an understanding of an object-based programming language like Java before entering the program.” This prerequisite knowledge will help students who might be interested in a few of his favorite courses including Interactive System Design (INFSCI 2470).

Another course that Artem considers key to his current success was Information Systems Analysis (INFSCI 2510). When he enrolled in the course it was taught by adjunct Brian Lawson – an employee of McKesson. During this course Artem remembers Lawson giving students several examples of real-world problems that companies like McKesson face. Hearing about McKesson in class inspired Artem to first pursue an internship with them and ultimately his new career.

Of his experience as a student at the iSchool, Artem says, “I’m really glad I got into Pitt and this school in particular. I would tell anyone it’s a great choice and I really had a perfect experience. Even though it was challenging at times, you learn a lot.” He’s grateful for the opportunities and support he received from working with program chair Peter Brusilovsky and the chance to live in Pittsburgh which is “the city he loves living in the most.”

Congratulations, Artem, and best wishes from the iSchool!

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