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Dr. Karimi edits “Big Data: Techniques and Technologies in Geoinformatics”


In February 2014 CRC Press published Big Data: Techniques and Technologies in Geoinformatics, edited by Dr. Hassan Karimi. This comprehensive volume “is a single collection of current and emerging techniques, technologies, and tools that are needed to collect, analyze, manage, process, and visualize geospatial big data,” according to the publisher, “with chapters contributed by experts in geoinformatics and in domains such as computing and engineering.”

Dr. Karimi asserts that the answer to the question of “What is big data?” depends on “when the question is asked, what application is involved, and what computing resources are available” and highlights the unique challenges presented when big data problems concern geospatial data. Included in the reference are chapters on Distributed and Parallel Computing (M. Sharker and H. Karimi), Machine Learning on Geospatial Big Data (T. van Zyl), and Geoinformatics and Social Media: New Big Data Challenge (A. Croitoru et al.).

Dr. Karimi, Director of the Geoinformatics Laboratory and Professor at the School of Information Sciences (the iSchool), has a vast array of experience in geoinformatics.  His work in wayfinding and navigation has received international recognition, including winning “Best Paper” at the 2013 Web and Wireless GIS Conference for “Accessibility Maps (PAMs) for Communities with Special Needs.” For more information on Dr. Karimi and his research on geoinformatics, visit his bio page or the Geoinformatics Laboratory “Location Thinkers.”

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