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The iSchool congratulates December 2013 graduates!


The School of Information Sciences (the iSchool) congratulates our December 2013 graduates on becoming alumni of the University of Pittsburgh! Dean Larsen led the iSchool Recognition Ceremony held on Friday, December 6 at the William Pitt Union and Jennie Crowley (MLIS ’11) invited students to join the School of Information Sciences Alumni Society (SAS).

Four of our students published electronic theses and dissertations as part of the culmination of their studies:

Reham Al-Issa, PhD (LIS ‘13)
Concepts of Information Literacy and Information Literacy Standards among Undergraduate Students in Public and Private Universities in the State of Kuwait

Janet Ceja, PhD (LIS ‘13)
Informal Records and the Autochthonous Preservation of the Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Rural Mexico

Yi-Ling Lin, PhD (IST ‘13)
Enhancing Image Findability through a Dual-Perspective Navigation Framework

Angela Horneman (MSIT ‘13)
Examining Threat Groups from the Outside: Generating High-Level Overviews of Persistent and Traditional Compromises

Congratulations to all our December 2013 graduates!

Bachelor of Science in Information Science

Jan Lars Austero
Samuel Depretis
Kyle Grimes
Wei Guo
Norman Joyner
Aaron Kornhauser
Adam Maczewski
Michael Marin
Colin McCarthy
Jamal McCoy-Staten
Jeffrey Meyer
Amar Patel
Corbin Powlus
Taylor Pricener
Ian Quinn
Daniel Ropelewski
Joseph Rossetti
Paul Schillinger
Filipe Silvestre
Timothy Trimble
Biana Tsymerman
Graham Uricchio

Master of Science in Information Science

Di Ai
Jeremy Burton
Lei Cai
Chih-Chuan Chan
Wenqian Cheng
Sarawut Chunothaisawat
Christopher Denardo
Guanxiong Ding
Xinyi Dong
Jing Du
Beiming Fan
Chao Fan
Jin Gan
Feng Gao
Yancheng Guo
Zhongkai He
Jill Hicks
Angela Horneman
Kainan Jiang
Ming Jiang
Song Jin
Zhanfei Lei
Xinghua Li
Anyun Li
Yangbin Li
Yan Li
Ying Lin
Chia-Wei Liu
Yiping Lu
Somreeta Mukherjee
Kairui Qu
Timothy Redmond
Michael Rothrock
Lisa Rubin
Jiayi Shen
Varun Sundaramoorthy
Arun Suresh
Cheng Tan
Wenbang Wang
Linqing Wang
Yajing Wang
Michael Wilcox
Ting-Kuan Wu
Yu Xia
Shaoyang Xiong
Ruikun Xu
Jiahang Xu
Hao Yan
Ying Yan
Angela Zack
Caibao Zhan
Qihao Zhang
Shenghua Zhang
Xinzhu Zhang
Yeran Zhang
Shu Zhang
Yilei Zhong
Rui Zhu
Yalu Zhu

Master of Science in Telecommunications

Sahib Ahmadzai
Arpit Chaudhary
Rhushabh Prafulkumar Jobalia
Nelson Kamani
Chandrakanth Veeraiyan

Master of Science in Library & Information Science

Dawnlyn Diehl
Michael Dziabiak
Kelly Goode
Jessica Gutacker
Sarah Hallett
Kelsey Hedrick
Michael Janakis
Heajin Kim
Sophie Lantta
Pei Ju Liao
Laura Martin
Ruth Neely
Adam Sartini
Michelle Wilson
Elwood Yoder
Minhwa Youn

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science

Yi-Ling Lin

Doctor of Philosophy in Library Science

Reham Al-Issa
Janet Ceja

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