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Welcome to The Minority Health and Health Equity Archive, an electronic archive for digital resource materials in the fields of minority health and health disparities research and policy. It is offered as a no-charge resource to the public, academic scholars and health science researchers interested in the elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities.

The goal of the Archive is to advance the use of new digital technologies to promote trans-disciplinary scholarship on race, ethnicity and disparities research designed to achieve health equity. The Archive will help facilitate the rapid dissemination of new work in the professional literature as well as the gray literature including, but not limited to, historical documents, government resources, teaching tools and commentary. Authors who wish to post papers to the Archive should first consult the Archive Policy.

The archive offers a category called "Browse By Subject" intended as a convenience to those searching for information regarding specific topical areas. Additionally, this method offers a convenient way for you to review our content "at a glance", as you evaluate your own documents for contribution as relevant to the current structure of the archive.

Currently, our archive contents include materials which have been listed in the following subject domains:

  • Practice (interventions, outreach, and service)

  • Research (Capacity Development, Genetics, methodologies, studies)

  • Teaching (Risk Management, Community Redevelopment, methods)

Posting to this area is restricted to those registered as users. All visitors of the Archive may become a registered user by going to the registered users area and completing the online registration form. All content posted to the archive can be read by all users of the archive, whether or not they become registered users.

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